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Introduction of Construction Methods

Rotary Multiple Pulleys Method

Using 75T and 55T telescopic boom crawler cranes as its base machine, in this method, rotary multiple pulleys for pulling-out piles and hydraulic auger are simultaneously used to pull out piles.

Advantage Single pile extraction machine alone works as multiple pulleys. So it is effectively used at narrow or confined spaces.
Disadvantage Since its main target is construction works at narrow or confined spaces, it take a long construction period, including a large number of preparation work, compared to other methods.

Rotary Multiple Pulleys Method2 Rotary Multiple Pulleys Method3 Rotary Multiple Pulleys Method4

Avolon Casing Auger Construction Method

Avolon Casing Auger Construction MethodIn this method, leaders are installed at main bodies of rafter base and crawler base, and onto the leaders, auger and casing is set, and then surrounding of a pile is excavated and the main bodies or accompanied body pulls out the pile. This is most popular and common method, and frequently adopted at many general construction sites. Also it is applicable for various construction site conditions such as wide, confined, narrow sites or for cases where the pile head is deeply buried.

Avolon Casing Auger Construction Method1Avolon Casing Auger Construction Method2Avolon Casing Auger Construction Method3