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Introduction of Construction Methods

BKF Method

(low noise and vibration method)

BKF MethodBKF method is a method of hammer grab method using hydraulic transmission system. It has low vibration and noise and it replaced a conventional excavation method using hammer grab which has big vibration and noise using all casing methods such as shaking type and full rotary type.

Strong points Hydraulic pressure source and high pressure hose are not required.
By its low noise and vibration, the influence on surrounding environment is lessened.
Power generator or unit is not required.

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Adaptable environment 
Since it has low noise and vibration, it can be adopted to the excavations under the following environments.

Adjacent to medical facilities

Close to a rail road.

Adjacent to private houses.

Adjacent to schools or other
educational institutions.

Adjacent to ranchers,
stables or the likes.
  AL BL ΦC ΦD Weight Output
Φ1000 3580 3470 Φ830 Φ844 2.3t 8.9t
Φ1200 3700 3600 Φ1030 Φ1014 2.9t 11.2t
Φ1500 3920 3780 Φ1330 Φ1312 4.8t 10.4t
Φ1800 4180 4000 Φ1630 Φ1330 5.5t 13.0t
Φ2000 4200 4180 Φ1830 Φ1530 6.0t 13.8t