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Introduction of Construction Methods

Earth Drill Method

(Bottom Enlarged Construction Method)

Its potential for drilling for large diameter or deep depth hole was maximized.

Earth Drill Method (Bottom Enlarged Construction Method)Earth Drill Method (Bottom Enlarged Construction Method) In the Earth Drill Method, to construct a pile, for protecting porous wall, surface casing tube is used, and it is protected by slurry based by bentonite. And also drilling bucket are used for the drilling and for discharging earth and sand.

Strong points It has a bucket which is selectable according to site characteristics and soil property. So, it can be used for drilling of a certain degree of hard oil layer.
Since it has no noise and vibration, it offers no adverse effect to its ambient surroundings.
Since it offers a large amount of discharged earth and sand per bucket, per 1 time, a very high drilling speed is available.
Available for construction in narrow spaces.

Working drawing