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Introduction of Construction Methods

SKS Method

(low noise and vibration method)

SKS Method

As its main material, high-strength wear-proof special steel (1200kg/cm2) to be applicable to cast-in-place pile with large diameter ranging from 1000mm to 2000mm. And it is a protrusion-type openable hammerer grab.

Currently we can see various types of hammer grab as drilling grabs for "cast-in-place pile method." However, environments around construction sites have become increasingly harsh.
So we offer you our newly developed clam-shell-type hammer grab which can solve the both of two problems of "noise and vibration" especially at downtown and residential zones.
Also you can use this instead of conventional hammer grab for main excavation and obstacle-removal tasks in the conventional All Casing(BENOTO) method.

Characteristics of clam shell grab

Full length
Open width
Applicable casing
Internal diameter
of casing
Grab capacity
SKS-20Ⅱ 3910 3685 1840 1980 1890 0.89
SKS-18Ⅱ 3570 3576 1640 1780 1690 0.62
SKS-15Ⅱ 3270 3408 1340 1480 1390 0.32
SKS-13Ⅱ 1720 2580 1140 1280 1190 0.25
SKS-12Ⅱ 1620 2545 1040 1180 1090 0.20
SKS-10Ⅱ 1520 2434 840 980 890 0.11

Low noise

hammer grabs
Newly developed
hammer grabs
hammer grabs
No noise
No vibration
Fix Adjustable Fix

By removing crown and crown head which were the noise source of conventional hammer grab, excavation work with low noise is achieved.

Low vibration

With conventional hammer crabs, we have needed to drop a hammer from a height of a certain degree to do excavation works.
When it is fallen by its own weight, vibration occurred. But, our newly developed hammer grab does not require height for falling to do excavation work.

The biggest advantage of clamshell grab is its low vibration and noise at the time of excavation work compared to those caused by conventional hammer grabs.

If you need to change the machine's weight for underwater drilling or as required, you can easily change the weight.
Also, as for both aspects of its price and maintenance, compared to conventional hammer grabs, it needs lower cost and its number of parts is fewer. So its running cost is less than the conventional ones.

※Since it does not use any hydraulic oil and the like, you do not need to worry about underground water contamination.