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Introduction of Construction Methods

All Casing Method

This is a method of injecting a casing tube into the ground with a hydraulic jack while repeatedly rotating it with a vibrating device, and excavating earth and sand with a hammer grab.

Method of construction list

Earth Drill Method

In this method, when constructing a pile, a surface casing tube is used to protect the hole wall, a stabilizer mainly composed of bentonite is used to protect it, and a drilling bucket is used to drill and discharge soil.

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AK2 Cutter Method

This method uses a large rotational force of an all-rotation excavator to cut existing piles horizontally so that they can be taken out with a safe length and weight.

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Existing Pile Extracting Method

We use methods for pulling out existing piles, such as “Rotary Multiple Pulley System” that uses a hydraulic auger in combination with a rotary multiple pulleys for pulling out a pile, and “Avolon Casing Auger Construction Method” that drills and extracts the circumference of the pile.

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TBH Method

By using the reverse circulation method, slime sedimentation can be controlled reliably, and slime processing after rebar installation can be easily performed. Construction can be done with low noise and low vibration, and it is possible to excavate in weathered rock and gravel layers by replacing drill bits.

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BH Method

This is a method using a large boring machine to circulate and stabilize the stabilizing solution in a positive circulation system. Stabilizer for drilling is injected by a sand pump, and drilling wastes are discharged from the hole by fluid movement method.

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Other Construction Methods

We will respond to various sites with various methods such as Advantage Method, Reverse Circulation Drill (RCD) Method, Deep Foundation Construction and geological survey.

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